Rates and Fees

We do not charge any initial or hidden for our services whatsoever. Readypaydayloan.com is not a direct lender, and we are engaged in searching for an absolutely adequate money lending company with applicable services to get your money request through. Thus, there is no connection between the kind of services we provide and the requirements, fees, charges, or yearly interest rate that the lender you’re matched with sets. There are several things that factor into the amount of money you will be charged for your loan, which all are going to be accounted for during the loan approval procedure, and most commonly they are higher than those of a mortgage, home equity loan, or any other loan that banks usually furnish you with.

Please be aware that your lenders’ fees may vary in different states and depend on various factors like loan maturity period, loan value etc. For example, fee can be 5% in Florida, but up to 10% Georgia. Approximate interest rate is from 5% to 30%.

The moment your request was matched with an appropriate money lending company, you are strongly encouraged to get acquainted with all the loan information displayed on the page, without skipping any point of the document. Note that you are free to cancel any of those terms and conditions before signing the actual paper. If there are any unsettled questions about the principal amount, charges or rates, we advise you to get through to your money lending company. We are abdicate of any liability that is somehow connected to any of your applications/assertions put through by any money lending companies you have been with.

We value your attitude towards our company and we look forward to advancing further to be better for you, because a client is our most valuable equity.